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Price range from €22/m2 for larger, to €40/m2 for small spaces/objects, or €25/hr. Minimum €400.

Concept and Design Development
Architectural and Interior Design

Charged per single plan/floor and total area. Standard delivery within 48 hours, Express delivery within 24 hours.

All objects larger than 200 m2 are valued under same conditions (340  m2 = 1x200 m2 + 1x100-150 m2 ). For special objects please contact us before sending order.

*Please call for details. Metric measures used as example: Imperial equivalents are welcome.

**Current Special basic price is € 14.00 (VAT incl.): we accept other currencies, payable through Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill or direct bank transfer.

***Please add payment expenses per each singular payment € 0.5+4.8% for all PayPal, Payoneer and Skrill transactions.

Charged per piece, prices from €25 for smaller, simple buildings/objects. For more complex systems, please contact for details.

Artist impressions

Charged per piece, prices from €30 for postcard size. For more complex ones, please contact for details.

Inspiration boards

Each service/product has price categories. Some are charged per hour, some per total area, some per piece. For other services/products please use the contact page with your request.

Document sets

Permit sets from €800. 

Construction sets, prices vary according to the Building Code it is issued. Please contact for details.

Property presentations

Charged per piece, prices from €63 for a fly-over. For more complex ones, please contact for details.

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