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With almost 20 years in architectural business, AA got experience, that, combined with his artistic talents, can respond best to client’s needs.

With a desire to design and create, AA pursued a career in architecture by attending a five year intense program at Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade. After graduating with honors (M.Arch.), Alex excelled in design- and engineering industry at top companies and studios. In that time, he began with his own design projects, and started collaboration with architectural and design studios. There he was encouraged to provide not only the architectural design from the conceptual idea to the final product, but also a new visual identity for numerous companies and organizations. Since 2009, he runs his own architectural design business.

Successful experiencing the real estate and construction markets in EU, UK, Australia, Canada and the US. The result is based on highest standards; long-time cooperation with leading building companies and real estate agencies from all over the world proves it.

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