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Design & Copyright 2010© by AlexAndic.

All rights reserved with no photo credits withheld.

Creating images is something Alexandar Andic (Aleksandar Anđić) has been doing as far back as he can remember. Born in 1970, his artistic ability was encouraged throughout his childhood and adolescence. With a desire to design and create, AA pursued a career in architecture by attending a five year intense program at Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade. After graduating with honors, Alex excelled in the engineering industry at top companies and studios. In that time, he started collaboration with design studios where he was encouraged to provide new visual identity for numerous companies and organizations. Since 2009, he runs his own architectural design business.
During his youth, AA travelled a lot, being deeply influenced by the museums, galleries, and churches he visited. This influence was a creative fuel, and he rediscovered his artistic talents - something that initially was developed for the study of architecture.

Inspiration comes from all places and people for AA, whether it is watching a movie, or spending time with friends, or in his travels, that he still enjoys. Inspiration also comes from a lot of the books that line his studio walls, mostly of his favourite Pre-Raphaelites and Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema. Music plays a big factor in the inspiration of his painting also. In 2012, AA attended prestigious Oxford University's course "The Elements of Drawing", led by Stephen Farthing, and based on John Ruskin's teaching collections. In 2014, AA succesfully accomplished "The Roman Architecture" deep open course at Yale University, led by Prof. Diana EE Kleiner. In 2016, AA completed Graphic Design course at California Institute of the Arts, led by Michael Worthington.
AA's process starts with an idea, and this concept is a subject of change during its work. Study making includes a lot of research,reading, sketch-making, taking photos, and everything else that helps in building the story. This process takes up to six months for one picture, and usually is led on few projects. Final artwork is a story that might be told, something that differs for each of their owners from Washington to Moscow and from Norway to SAR.

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